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CREEC was formally organized in 2005 to preserve and protect the Clark 's Run watershed by enhancing water quality and educating the public. Its members hope to:

  • Protect and improve the water quality of Clark's Run.
    Kentucky River Watershed Watch Sampling is conducted by local citizens to track water quality each year. Several sampling sites within the Clark’s Run watershed have been selected by citizen volunteers. Individuals interested in participating in this ongoing program can find out more at www.krww.org.

    A Citizen Action Plan for Clark’s Run was developed by Kentucky River Watershed Watch participants in 2004. This CAP provided helpful guidance to citizens wishing to improve local water quality.

    In 2005, the Dix River Watershed Council Dix River Watershed Council was formed to assist with an EPA-funded effort to intensively sample water quality within the Dix River Watershed, including that of Clark’s Run. This group met regularly to provide local insight about water quality sampling sites, sampling results, and watershed improvement recommendations.

    The Clark's Run Watershed Plan Overview was produced by Third Rock Consultants for the Kentucky Division of Water and the Dix River Watershed Council. This Overview summarizes the findings of the 2006-08 water quality sampling effort and the subsequent management recommendations, which are detailed more fully in the full Watershed Plan document, see below. (New as of September 2009)

    Clark's Run Watershed Plan is a detailed, 248-page report about the water quality sampling area and specific sampling sites, the sampling results, and specific watershed improvement recommendations. It was submitted to the Kentucky Division of Water and approved in 2009. This plan forms the basis of a 2010 USEPA-funded grant to the City of Danville for implementation of watershed improvement activities. (New as of September 2009)

  • Continue the development of the recreational trail along Clark 's Run.
    Master Trails and Greenway Plan to a Community Trails Forum. This plan calls for interconnected recreational trails and natural areas, which would enable people to walk or bike throughout Danville and Boyle County. These trails would build on the 1-mile trail that was constructed along Clark’s Run in 1998, and would connect local schools, area attractions and parks. In 2009, the City of Danville was awarded grant funding to construct phases 1A and 2C of the eastward trail extension.

    - Map of City with existing trail
    - CREEC's Proposed Trail Map

  • Conduct watershed educational programs.
    - Contribute to Green Tips section of Danville-Advocate Messenger
    CREEC E-Newsletter Mailings
    Volunteer workdays to improve creek

CREEC's Current and Planned Activities include:

  • Ongoing sampling by watershed watch volunteers, four times a year for variety of pollutants. Based on the findings of their sampling efforts, volunteers have developed a citizen action plan for improving water quality.
  • Additional tree plantings along the streambanks to prevent erosion, filter stormwater pollutants, and provide shade and wildlife habitat.
  • Creation of outdoor educational classroom on creek for students to learn more about water quality and ecology.
  • Assist with related educational outreach in the community.
  • Other projects to improve and protect water quality of creek, such as coordination with the city to fulfill requirements of its stormwater management permit.
  • Cooperation with Kentucky Division of Water in implementation of Dix River Watershed Management Plan (also includes Hanging Fork and entire Herrington Lake watershed).
  • Work with other local entities to further develop a local trail and greenways system that brings increased attention and appreciation to the creek. (Map)

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